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book - bath in brilliant green 

With its melancholic visual language, Nina Röder’s book BATH IN BRILLIANT GREEN presents a poetic perspective on different forms of helplessness and loss. In associative arrangements of portraits, landscapes, and still life motifs – often created in darkness – she approaches states of loss and rediscovery, as well as the metaphor of letting go.

Staged images of marble-like bodies, often in a performative correlation with the surrounding nature, question the meaning of human existence. Her works frequently depict natural structures and vegetal artifacts, such as bits of algae or thistles in an absurd form.

Röder’s images were created in Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, and France over the past five years. The book contains the series BATH IN BRILLIANT GREEN, A LITTLE DEEPER THAN YOU THOUGHT und ALWAYS BEYOND.
In its dramaturgy, the book captures the different chromatic atmospheres of these countries.

Silver Medal - Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2019/2020

Jan Ziegner

Sarah Frost,
Nicolas Oxen

Galerie Burster Berlin - Karlsruhe | Galerie Kunsthaus Erfurt

kindly supported by:
Galerie Burster Berlin | Galerie Kunsthaus Erfurt | Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Schierz | Dr. Rolf Luhn - ART-regio/SV SparkassenVersicherung | Bauhaus-Universität Weimar | IF - Institut für Gestalterisches Forschen - UE BTK Art & Design

ISBN 978-3-86828-890-2